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Interview Preparation

How you present yourself at the interview encompasses many different, yet equally important factors.   The fact that you received the call indicates that you were able to sell yourself on paper, but now it is time to sell yourself in person.

Remember the old adages, “first impressions mean everything” and “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”  There is much truth in those two sayings, especially in the business world when one wrong step can cost you the position, regardless of your qualifications.

How you dress, your handshake, your personality and how you respond to their questions are all key components in evaluating you for the position.  But first, to ensure that you make a great impression, you will need to prepare yourself for the interview.  This is paramount to having a successful interview and obtaining the job offer. 

At Sequence, we have developed an extensive booklet designed to assist you in preparing yourself for the interview process.  We encourage you to read it thoroughly.  It could very well make the difference between just being interviewed or being offered the job.

The online version of our booklet guide is coming soon. If you would like a copy emailed to you at the earliest possible date, please send us a note using the following form. Make sure to include your email address, and to indicate that you are interested in the Interview Preparation Guide.

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