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There is no question that engineers are an integral part of the environmental and construction industries.  Their work is the link between scientific discoveries and the commercial applications that meet societal and consumer needs.

Predecessors of engineers, artists and craftsmen, progressed chiefly by trial and error.  But their ingenuity, imagination and practical applications earned the admiration of the masses.

In fact, the admiration is embodied in the name “engineer,” originating in the 11th century from Latin ingeniator, meaning one with ingenium, the ingenious one.  Leonardo da Vinci bore the official title of Ingegnere Generale and his notebooks reveal that Renaissance engineers began to systematically ask what works and why

Our world depends upon the work of engineers and their contributions to our society.  More than ever, we rely upon their creations and solutions to meet our every day needs, from agricultural mechanization to water supply and distribution; from planes and autos to highways and mass transit systems; and from computers and phones to a myriad of electronics and the Internet. 

At Sequence, we understand the vital importance engineering has in the environmental, climate change, construction, and light industrial industries.  We are the premier executive recruiting and staffing firm committed to providing employment solutions to these major industries throughout the world. 

Sequence is a leader recruiting engineers worldwide.

We know and understand the technical and professional nuances of the engineering vocation.  Perhaps your requirements might include a need for a professionally licensed engineer – PE, Professional Engineer – or an EIT, an Engineer in Training.  Whatever your engineering needs are, you can depend on Sequence to meet them for you. 

Our team of highly skilled and experienced recruiters and staffing experts has broad engineering industry experience.  Their expansive industry network means they know where the finest talent is and how to obtain the best and the brightest engineers for your organization. 

The Sequence recruiting philosophy, methodology and recruiting practices adheres to the highest standards in the industry.  It is why Sequence is able to carefully screen and present only the most qualified engineering candidates who are readily available to make a difference in your organization. 

Let Sequence meet all of your HR needs.

Our expert recruiters and staffing professionals can meet all of your personnel needs, from filling individual engineer jobs to recruiting and staffing entire practice groups, for both small firms or for global construction and engineering corporations. 

We have successfully recruited and placed leading engineering experts and professionals who are developing the most bold and innovative engineering solutions and advancements throughout the world. 

We recruit and staff executive, management, administrative and field-level personnel for temporary and temporary-to-permanent jobs, and for direct-hire positions throughout the engineering sector worldwide.  We also offer short and long-term temporary contract placements, outplacement services, long-term recruiting in addition to contracting a full range of HR services. 

With such a diversity of applications, there is a nearly endless list of engineering sub-specialties. Many of these specialties are vital to the clients we serve and require highly skilled expertise in planning, design and execution. 

These are among a few of the key positions that we recruit and staff on a daily basis:

• Acoustical Engineer
• Agricultural Engineers
• Air Quality Engineer
• Airport Engineer
• Architectural Engineer
• Biological Engineer
• Bridge Engineer
• Chemical Engineer
• Civil Engineer
• Construction Engineer
• Construction Project Engineer
• Consulting Engineer
• Control System Engineer
• Corrosion Engineer
• Earthquake Engineer
• Electrical Engineer
• Energy Engineer
• Environmental Engineer
• Fire Protection Engineer
• Forensic Engineer
• Geotechnical Engineer
• Habitat Restoration Engineer
• Health and Safety Engineer
• Hydropower Engineer
• Industrial Engineer
• Manufacturing Engineer
• Marine Engineer
• Materials Engineer
• Mechanical Engineer
• Metallurgical Mining and Geological Engineer
• Nuclear Engineer
• Petroleum Engineer
• Power Transmission Engineer
• Quality Engineer
• Resident Engineer
• Safety Engineer
• Soils Engineer
• Structural Engineer
• Transportation Engineer
• Water Systems Engineer
• Wind Engineer