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Cover Letter Writing Tips

Its Purpose and Value

Just like the resume, first impressions really count.  Your cover letter is designed to complement your resume in selling your professional background and experience to the employer so you can be seen and interviewed.  It formally introduces you and quickly tells your story.

That is why it is so important to have a well-written cover letter and the following tips are designed to help you write one yourself.  Of course, if you would prefer professional assistance, we are here to help you today.  Our team of professionally skilled writers will make your cover letter standout in the crowd and will help you get that critical interview.  For more information about our cover letter and resume writing services, please click here.

The cover letter allows you to tailor-make your presentation to the specific job and employer by highlighting critical information from your resume and from your professional background that is important for the employer to see and to know about.  This is your opportunity to underscore the key achievements in your career that match up with the employer’s needs and help you land the job interview. 

You can generate more interviews by customizing your resume and cover letter to address the specific skills each employer is seeking.  The employer is always more interested in their needs than yours, so ask yourself what would make you the perfect candidate for this job.  Try to find out what they really need and want; then write your resume to address these points.  Review the job description or ad for key words and include them in your resume. 

Style and Format

First, the letter must be well written, look good and be easy to read. Use quality paper, proper English, punctuation, spacing, paragraphs, margins, font size, and of course, correct spelling.  Do not use contractions (i.e., I’d, didn’t, it’s, etc.).  Address it to the appropriate person with whom you wish to meet and interview, and include their job title.

Place all of your contact information at the top of the letter so it is easy for the employer to contact you for a job interview, and you might want to include cell phone numbers and email addresses.

Avoid using too many sentences starting with “I” or writing in the passive voice (i.e., “This experience enabled me to….” or “Through my internship, I was responsible for….”).  Instead, make yourself the subject of each sentence and use active descriptions (i.e., “In this internship, I demonstrated sound judgment and problem-solving skills on a daily basis.”). 


One page is always the most appropriate.  Use the first paragraph to address the issue of why you are writing, which of course, is in connection with the job (state the specific job you are applying for).  You might also explain your knowledge of the firm, its business, a comment on a timely issue of relevance to the position or company, or share an outstanding fact about your background that illustrates your abilities and connection to the business that would be particularly appealing to the employer. 

The first paragraph should pique the reader’s interest in your background and appropriate qualifications for the position followed by another paragraph or two which further explains the first paragraph by telling the employer what you can do for their firm, thus creating the desire to call you in for an interview.  Present the facts to back up your claim(s) that will both be interesting and accurately describe your assets and qualifications. 

This is your opportunity to tell your prospective employer how you will make and/or save money, conserve time, create efficiencies, manage responsibility and produce results quickly and economically that will help lead the business forward.  Do not state anything related to your deficiencies, such as lack of experience in that field, unemployment, or anything else that might reflect poorly on you. 

In your final paragraph, ask directly for an interview, suggesting two specific dates and times when you will be available to meet, and explain that you will follow up your letter in a day or two to confirm the interview appointment. 

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