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The Board of Directors and Advisory Boards are among the most important components of any successful business enterprise, large or small, as they provide the expertise, strategy, policy, guidance and overview required to grow and manage a business in a highly competitive marketplace. 

We know that CEO’s today need more from their boards than ever before.  That is why we offer our services for board appraisals, director and chairperson searches and recruitment, team building and organizational development, and advisory board searches.

We will work with you to assess your current board and determine what your needs are to complement its strengths and talents, and then access our vast proprietary database of executives to fill your particular needs to create an insightful, structured and successful board in the interests of all stakeholders. 

Sequence is uniquely positioned to help you round out your board with seasoned industry executives who will provide governance, independence and accountability, as well as give your firm added value through their professional expertise, industry relationships, strategy and time commitment.